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This web site is a personal view of the films that I have seen and the people who have acted in them or produced and directed the films.

This site is a reflection of my interest in films and is an on going project, so new information keeps being added. At last count there were over 3500 films on the site.
The opinions expressed on this site are the personal ones of the author and therefore you may agree or disagree with them depending on your own views.

Films, actors and actresses are listed alphabetically.

Films and Oscar winners are listed by date

Producers / Directors / Writers are listed alphabetically

Recetly added/updated films
Mystery Woman: Vision Of A Murder (2005) Added 28 May
Her (2013) Added 26 May
Amazing Mr Blunden (1972) Added 26 May
Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (2009) Added 24 May
Make Me An Offer (1954) Added 24 May
Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (1941) Added 22 May
Blind Husbands (1919) Added 22 May
After The Ball (2015) Added 21 May
Gold Rush (1925) Added 21 May
Mystery Woman Sing Me A Murder (2005) Added 21 May

Recetly added/updated people
Pihla Viitala Added 28 May
Rosalyn Landor Added 28 May
Portia Doubleday Added 28 May
Felicia Day Added 28 May
Fay Holderness Added 25 May
Maureen Connell Added 21 May
Roxanne Hart Added 21 May
Jacki Weaver Added 21 May
Jennifer Dale Added 21 May
Alexandra Bastedo Added 19 May
Jennifer Robertson Added 16 May