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Wallace Beery

Birth name: Wallace Fitzgerald Beery
Birth: 1 April 1885
Died: 15 April 1949
Nationality: American
Hollywood Walk Star: Yes
Wallace Beery

Career / Biography

Wallace Beery had a long career in films starting with silent films through to the late 1940's. His first wife was Gloria Swanson.


China Seas (1935)
Grand Hotel (1932)
The Champ (1931)
The Big House (1930)
Lost World (1925) Silent
Three Ages (1923) Silent
Robin Hood (1922) Silent
The Last of the Mohicans (1920) Silent
Teddy At The Throttle (1917) Silent


Won - Best Actor - The Champ (1931)
Nomination - Best Actor - THe Big House (1930)

Wallace Beery