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Title: Hell Drivers

Date: 1957
Type: Drama
Rating: 2 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Cy Endfield

Stanley Baker is an ex-prisoner who gets a job driving lorry loads of gravel. Competition between the drivers is fierce, but he finds there is more going on with the firm than meets the eye. Patrick McGoohan is good as the hard man driver that Stanley Baker comes up against and they are ably supported by a strong cast of leading British actors from the 1950's. This is a good gritty film of its time.


Patrick McGoohan
Stanley BakerStanley Baker
Sean ConnerySean Connery
William HartnellWilliam Hartnell
Sidney JamesSid James
Herbert LomHerbert Lom
Jill IrelandJill Ireland
Alfie BassAlfie Bass
David McCallumDavid McCallum
Vera DayVera Day