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Title: Love And Murder

Date: 2000
Type: Crime drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: George Bloomfield

A former police detective (Wendy Crewson) who now lectures helps an old artist friend (Caroline Goodall) of hers who is chief suspect when her ex-husband is murdered. As the investigation progressess she suspects there may be a link with the murder of her own husband years before. This is a pretty standard made for television murder mystery, with a solid performance from Wendy Crewson as the ex-detective now working single mother and Caroline Goodall as the tempramental artist friend.


Wendy CrewsonWendy Crewson
Caroline GoodallCaroline Goodall
Claire BloomClaire Bloom
Victor Garber
Kenneth Welsh
Rudiger Vogler
Tammy Isbell
Elizabeth ShepherdElizabeth Shepherd