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Title: Octopussy

Date: 1983
Type: Action
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: John Glen
Producer: Albert Broccoli

Roger Moore is James Bond (007) on the trail of a stolen Faberge egg. that leads to a Russion plot to explode a nuclear bomb on an American Airforce Base under the cover of a circus run by Maude Adams. This is a mixed bag for a Bond film, with the best parts being the scences in India, but as with all the Roger Moore Bond films it is great fun, despite the violence.


Roger MooreRoger Moore
Maud AdamsMaud Adams
Kristina WaybornKristina Wayborn
Louis Jourdan
Steven BerkoffSteven Berkoff
Desmond LlewelynDesmond Llewelyn (Q)
Lois MaxwellLois Maxwell (Moneypenny)
Walter GotellWalter Gotell
Vijay Amritraj
Kabir Bedi
Geoffrey KeenGeoffrey Keen