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Title:One Touch Of Venus

Date: 1948
Type: Romance / Musical
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black & White
Director: William Seiter

Ava Gardner is a statue of Venus who comes to life after being kissed by the shop window dreser Robert Walker. As they fall in love she also influences the relationships of other related people as well as their own relationship. Gentle romance of the 1940's period, with some good comic scenes and is carried by the glamour of Ava Gardner and good support from Eve Arden. The film was remade as Manequin in 1987.


Ava GardnerAva Gardner
Robert Walker
Tom ConwayTom Conway
Eve ArdenEve Arden
Olga San Juan
Sara AllgoodSara Allgood



One Touch Of VenusOne Touch Of Venus