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Title:Plunkett And Macleane

Date: 1999
Type: Historical drama/action/comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Jake Scott

In the middle of the 18th century in England two men (Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle) from opposite ends of the social spectrum meet in prison and then team up to become notorious highway men. Along the way Jonny Lee Miller falls for the daughter (Liv Tyler) of one of the men they robbed and who has vowed to bring them to justice. On one level this films moves with good pace action, but on another level it tries to be too many things (history, drama, comedy, romance, social comment) without doing any of them above average. It is an entertaining film with its particular version of the 18th century without being a classic.


Jonny Lee Miller
Robert CarlyleRobert Carlyle
Michael GambonMichael Gambon
Liv TylerLiv Tyler
Matt LucasMatt Lucas
David WalliamsDavid Walliams
Alexander ArmstrongAlexander Armstrong
Ben Miller
Alan CummingAlan Cumming



Plunkett And Macleane