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Title: Vertigo

Date: 1958
Type: Drama
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

James Stewart is a retired policeman who is asked by a friend (Tom Helmore) to follow his wife (Kim Novak), who thinks she is possessed by a dead relative. The film builds the tension well as James Stewart has to work out if Kim Novak ill or possesed. Alfred Hitchcock produced an excellent suspense filled drama in which he got good performances from both James Stewart and Kim Novak. These performances, combined with a good plot, excellent cinematography and a sound track that enhances the mood of the film deliver one Hitchcock's best films. However it is the performance of Barbara Bel Geddes that is the most naturalistic of all the performances.


James StewartJames Stewart
Kim NovakKim Novak
Barbara Bel GeddesBarbara Bel Geddes
Tom HelmoreTom Helmore
Ellen Corby


Two nominations
Bernard Herrmann