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Title: The Wrecking Crew

Date: 1968
Type: Action / Adventure
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Phil Karlson
Producer: Irving Allen

A large amount of gold is stolen from a train in Denmark and Matt Helm (Dean Martin) is sent to retrive it with the help/hinderance of a British spy (Sharon Tate) and whilst several beutiful women (Elke Sommers, Nancy Kwan and Tina Louise) try and stop him. This is the fourth of the Matt Helm films and was released 6 months before Sharon Tate's murder. It is a James Bond style action film with Dean Mrtin in the lead and good support from Elke Sommers and Sharon Tate.


Dean MartinDean Martin
Elke SommerElke Sommer
Sharon TateSharon Tate
Nancy Kwan
Nigel Green
Tina Louise
John Larch