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Diane Cilento

Birth name: Elizabeth Diane Cilento
Birth: 5 October 1933
Died: 6 October 2011
Nationality: Australia
Diane Cilento

Career / Biography

Diane Cilento was an Australian actress who was married to Sean Connery from 1963-1972 and Anthony Schaffer from 1985-2001


Wicker Man (1973)
Agony And The Ecstacy (1965)
The Third Secret (1964)
Rattle Of A Simple Man (1964)
Tom Jones (1963)
Jet Storm (1959)
The Admiral Crighton (1957)
The Passing Stranger (1954)


Nomination - Best Supporting Actress - Tom Jones (1963)
Diane CilentoDiane CilentoDiane CilentoDiane CilentoDiane Cilento