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Title: Kiss And Make Up

Date: 1934
Type: Romance / Drama
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Harlan THompson

A plastic surgeon (Cary Grant) does work on a woman (Genevieve Tobin) to make her perfect, but her obsesion with physical perfection leads to rejection by her husband (Edward Everett Horton) so the surgeon marries her as he has created perfection. However he realises the difference between physical beauty and love and thinks again about his charming secretary (Helen Mack). The plot is a classic looks versus character when it comes to relationships and not very subtle at that however it is well cast. This is an early Cary Grant film who plays a doctor bemused by women, supported by Genevieve Tobin as the woman only concerned with her looks and Helen Mack as the faithful loving woman. The most strange part is Helen Mack and Edward Everett Horton singining a song of corned beef and cabbage.


Cary GrantCary Grant
Helen MackHelen Mack
Genevieve Tobin
Edward Everett HortonEdward Everett Horton
Lucien Littlefield
Mona Maris
Katherine Williams
:Lucille Lund



  Kiss And Make Up