Films released in 1934

This was the year the Motion Picture Production Code or Hays Code started to be fully enforced. This led to a significant change in American films as many adult themes and characters that did not meet the standards of morality could no longer be shown.
9th Guest 2 Stars
Affairs Of Cellini 4 Stars
Anne Of Green Gables 3 Stars
Autumn Crocus 3 Stars
Back Page 3 Stars
Barretts Of Wimpole Street 4 Stars
Beast Of Borneo 1 Star
Belle Of The Nineties 2 Stars
Black Cat 2 Stars
Black Moon 3 Stars
Born To Be Bad 3 Stars
Bottoms Up 2 Stars
Kansas City Princess 3 Stars
Cat's Paw 3 Stars
Change Of Heart 3 Stars
Chloe Love Is Calling You 1 Star
City Limits 3 Stars
Crime Without Passion 3 Stars
Cross Street 2 Stars
Death At Broadcasting House 1 Star
Easy To Love 3 Stars
Evergreen 3 Stars
Evil Mind 3 Stars
Fighting Ranger 2 Stars
Flirtation 3 Stars
Flirtation Walk 3 STars
Fog Over Frisco 3 Stars
Forsaking All Others 3 Stars
Four Frightened People 3 Stars
Of Human Bondage 4 Stars
Finishing School 3 Stars
Gay Bride 3 Stars
Gay Divorce3 Stars
Ghost Walks 3 Stars
Gift Of Gab 1 Star
Girl In Danger 2 Stars
Girl Of The Limberlost 2 Stars
Green Eyes 2 Stars
Heat Lightning 3 Stars
House Of Mystery 2 Stars
I Am A Thief 3 Stars
It Happened One Night 4 Stars
I've Got Your Number 2 Stars
Jane Eyre 2 Stars
Journal Of A Crime 3 Stars
Kiss And Make Up 3 Stars
Ladies Should Listen 2 Stars
Lady By Choice 3 Stars
Lightning Strikes Twice 1 Star
Little Minister 3 Stars
Lost In The Stratosphere 2 Stars
Lost Lady 3 Stars
Lost Jungle 1 Star
Man Who Knew To Much 3 Stars
Mandalay 4 Stars
Maniac 3 Stars
Marie Galante 2 Stars
Massacre 2 Stars
Men In White 3 Stars
Midnight Alibi 2 Stars
Money Means Nothing 3 Stars
Monte Carlo Nights 2 Stars
Moonstone 2 Stars
Moth 2 Stars
Murder In The Clouds 2 Stars
Murder In The Museum 2 Stars
Mysterious Mr Wong 2 Stars
Mystery Liner 2 Stars
Night Alarm 3 Stars
One Hour Late 2 Stars
Picture Brides 3 Stars
Private Life Of Don Juan 2 Stars
Radio Parade of 1935 1 STar
Randy Rides Alone 2 Stars
Ready For Love 3 STars
Return Of Chandu 2 Stars
Richest Girl In The World 3 Stars
Road To Ruin 2 Stars
Scarlet Letter 3 Stars
Scarlet Pimpernel 4 Stars
Search For Beauty 1 Star
Secret Bride 3 Stars
Silver Streak 3 Stars
Sing As We Go 3 Stars
Spitfire 2 Stars
Stamboul Quest 3 Stars
Stingaree 2 Stars
Stolen Sweets 2 Stars
Successful Failure 2 Stars
Thin Man 4 Stars
Thirty Day Princess 3 Stars
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round 2 Stars
Waltzes from Vienna 2 Stars
We're Not Dressing 2 Stars
Woman Condemned 2 Stars
Woman In The Shadows 3 Stars
Wonder Bar 4 Stars
Young And Beautiful 2 Stars
Oscars 1934
Best Picture - Winner
 It Happened One Night
Best Picture - Nomination
The Barretts Of Wimpole Street
Flirtation Walk
Gay Divorce
Here Comes The Navy
The House of Rothschild
Imitation Of Life
One Night Of Love
The Thin Man
Viva Villa
The White Parade

Best Actor - Winner
Clark Gable - It Happened One Night
Best Actor - Nomination
Frank Morgan - The Affairs Of Cellini
William Powell - The Thin Man

Best Actress - Winner
Claudette Colbert
Best Actress - Nomination
Grace Moore - One Night Of Love
Norma Shearer - Barretts Of Wimpole Street
Bette Davis - Of Human Bondage