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Title:Mirror Mirror

Date: 2012
Type: Fantasy / Drama/ Comedy
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Tarsem Singh

When the king disappears,his wife (Juli Roberts) takes control of the kingdom and keeps his daughter Snow White (Lily Collins) virtual prisoner. When the queen tries to have Snow White killed she is befriended by a band of dwarfs who help her gain her courage and fight back against the queen and win the love of the prince (Armie Hammer) that the queen has her eyes on. This is an entertaining variation on the Snow White story with a good performance from Lily Collins as Snow White who is more feisty than in many versions of the story.


Julia RobertsJulia Roberts
Lilly CollinsLily Collins
Armie HammerArmie Hammer
Sean BeanSean Bean



Mirror Mirror