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Title:That Uncertain Feeling

Date: 1941
Type: Romantic comedy
Rating: 3 Stars 3/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Producer: Ernst Lubitsch

A married woman with psychosomatic hiccups goes to see a psychoanalyst. As a result she starts to have doubts about her marriage which are increased when she meets a pianist in the the analysts waiting room. He attempts to save his marriage and win her back by offering to divorce her and let her marry the pianist. Merle Oberon gives a good performance as the wife trying to decide who and what is important in her life. Whilst the comedy is patchy, the scene in the lawyers office pretending to argue to set up the divorcee proceedings is the best.


Merle OberonMerle Oberon
Melvyn DouglasMelvyn Douglas
Burgess MeredithBurgess Meredith
Eve ArdenEve Arden
Alan MowbrayAlan Mowbray
Olive Blakeney
Harry DavenportHarry Davenport
Sig RumanSig Ruman


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That Uncertain Feeling