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Merle Oberon

Birth name: Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson
Birth: 19 February 1911
Died: 23 November 1979
Nationality: American
Merle Oberon

Career / Biography

Merle Oberon was born in India, moved in England in the late 1920's and started her acting career in the early 1930's. She then moved to Hollywood and continued working in films until the mid1950's. In 1937 she had a car accident resulting in facial scarring, which she masked with makeup and lighting. It was after this that she appeared in her most well known film, Wuthering Heights. She was married for 6 years to the producer / director Alexander Korda.


Nomination - Best Actress - The Dark Angel (1935)
Merle OberonMerle OberonMerle OberonMerle Oberon