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Name : Clara Bow

Birth : 29 July 1905
Died : 27 September 1965
Nationality: American
Hollywood Walk Star: Yes
Clara Bow

Clara Bow was one of the most popular actresses in silent films in the 1920's, being the IT girl of the jazz era films and known for her red hair. Although the best film she appeared in was probably Wings, her role was over shadowed by the flying scenes. The film that epitomised her was It which showed not only her acting ability but her charismatic sex appeal. She did make a few sound films, but a combination of the limitations imposed on her characters by the Hay's Code and some comparatively weak plots brought her career to an end. Her later life was blighted by mental health issues. She was married to Rex Bell. She was a 1924 WAMPAS Baby.
Hoop-La (1933) - Sound
Call Her Savage (1932) - Sound
No Limit (1931) - Sound
Love Among The Millionaires (1930) - Sound
True To The Navy (1930) - Sound
The Saturday Night Kid (1929) - Sound
The Wild Party (1929) - Sound
Dangerous Curves (1929) - Sound
Get Your Man (1927) - Silent
It (1927) - Silent
Wings (1927) - Silent
Helen's Babies (1924) - Silent
Black Oxen (1923) - Silent
Down To The Sea In Ships (1922) - Silent
Clara BowClara BowClara BowClara Bow