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Date: 1988
Type: Fantasy / Adventure
Rating: 4 Stars 4/5
Colour: Yes
Director: Ron Howard
Producer: George Lucas

A dwarf (Warwick Davis) is given the task of protecting a special baby his children found from an evil queen (Jean Marsh) . Along the way the have a series of adventures and are helped by Val Kilmer as the warrior with mixed motives whilst being chased by the queen's warrior daughter (Joanna Whally). This is a great piece of fantasy from Ron Howard and George Lucas that has good performances from Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer who mix fantasy, action and humour.


Warwick DavisWarwick Davis
Val KilmerVal Kilmer
Joanna WhalleyJoanna Whalley
Jean MarshJean Marsh
Tony CoxTony Cox
Pat Roach
Patricia HayesPatricia Hayes


Nomination - Effects