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Title:The Private Life Of Don Juan

Date: 1934
Type: Drama / Romance
Rating: 2 Stars 2/5
Colour: Black and White
Director: Alexander Korda

An aging Don Juan returns to Seville where he is being impersonated by a younger version of him. When the impersonator is killed by a jealous husband he takes the opportunity to go into retiirement, but later tries to return and take up his old womanising role. This was Douglas Fairbanks last film and not his best. The screenplay is not great, but Merle Oberon and Bentia Hume do ttheir best with the material in the supporting female roles.


Douglas Fairbanks Douglas Fairbanks
Merle Oberon Merle Oberon
Benita Hume Benita Hume
Binnie Barnes Binnie Barnes
Bruce Winston
Gina Malo
Melville Cooper Melville Cooper
Owen Nares
Heather Thatcher Heather Thatcher
Diana NapierDiana Napier
Joan Gardner Joan Gardner
Gibson Gowland
Barry MacKayBarry Mackay